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Anti-Doping Rules

1  In the area of anti-doping Scotland Rugby League defers to the jurisdiction of the Rugby Football League.  


2 Further to clause 1:  

a. the anti-doping rules of the Rugby Football League apply to Scotland Rugby League, National Governing Body for the sport of rugby league in Scotland; and

  b. persons participating in the sport of rugby league under the jurisdiction of Scotland Rugby league who qualify as ‘Participants’ (as this term is defined in the Anti-Doping Rules) are bound by and must comply in all respects with the Anti-Doping Rules.


3 Scotland Rugby League shall recognise and take all necessary steps to give full force and effect within its jurisdiction (a) to the Anti-Doping Rules; and (b) to any sanction(s) imposed under the Anti-Doping Rules.  


The RFL is committed to the principles of drug-free sport for the following reasons:

  • To uphold and preserve the ethics of the Game
  • To safeguard the physical and mental health of the Players
  • To ensure that all Players have the opportunity to compete equally



To underpin that commitment the RFL will:

  • Educate and inform Players about the dangers of drugs and consequences of taking drugs or breaching the Anti-Doping Regulations
  • Comply with the WADA Code
  • Test players as part of an effective testing programme to confirm and maintain the drug free status of Rugby League Players.



The information on the following pages aims to support Players and support staff in finding relevant and up to date information relating to anti-doping. These pages will either provide or direct you to the information you need on the rights and responsibilities of Players and support personnel taking part in Rugby League in relation to the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) Code and the RFL’s Anti-Doping Regulations.

The RFL prides itself on Rugby League being a clean sport and is committed to ensuring that high standards are set for fair play and a drug-free sport while protecting the spirit of the game. The RFL do this by having an intelligent and thorough testing programme and by ensuring players and support staff have access to information and education to enable them to make the correct decisions. The RFL want to create a generation of players who have confidence in their ability to succeed in Rugby League without the misuse of prohibited substances or methods, and empower Rugby League clubs to be competent in supporting their players.

The RFL and SRL work closely with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) to deliver a suitable anti-doping programme.

100% me Anti-Doping education

The RFL is committed to the principles of drug-free sport and work with UKAD to regularly educate and inform players through 100% me – please see the dedicated 100% me page for further information. 100% me educates players about the Anti-Doping Regulations and how they can ensure they do not fall foul of the rules. Club support personnel also receive education and information and many are qualified UKAD Advisors.


Rugby League has one of the most thorough and effective testing programmes in sport, intelligently testing a large number of players during the course of a season. Testing is carried out In Competition and Out of Competition and includes both urine and blood testing.

For further information please email:

For further information on Anti-Doping please visit the RFL Website

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