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100% ME

Education is a vital element in the RFL's anti-doping programme. The RFL are proud to work with UK Sport on this issue and adopt the 100% ME message. The RFL's vision is to:


create a generation of players who have confidence in their ability to success in Rugby League without the misue of Prohibited Substances of Prohibited Methods

create a generation of Player Support Personnel who understand that the players they are invovled with can achieve their goals without resorting to Prohibited Substances of Prohibited Methods, and to encourage their players to adopt the 100% ME concept.


empower Rugby League clubs to be confident and competent to enable them to support their players in all aspects of anti-doping


achieve a greater level of awareness of anti-doping issues throughout the game.

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Anyone using this information is strongly recommended to ensure that they are fully aware of the RFL Anti-Doping Regulations and the WADA Prohibited List before embarking on any course of action.

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