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Exemptions and Asthma

Exemptions and Asthma Exemptions and Asthma

What is a TUE?

The TUE application process gives players a means of attaining approval to use a Prohibited Substance or Method for the treatment of a legitimate medical condition.  This process is in place to protect the rights of players to compete on a level playing field.

Applying for a TUE?

Each TUE application is assessed according to the same criteria as laid out in the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions. This provides fair and consistent standards for the approval of any medical use of a Prohibited Substance or Method.

Any player that is eligible for testing will need to apply for a TUE if they are prescribed a Prohibited Substance or Method by their Doctor to treat a medical condition. For the avoidance of doubt, all players in the Academy competitions, Reserve competition, the Championships and the Super League are eligible for testing and should therefore complete TUEs when appropriate.

A TUE can be applied for by a player or a member of the medical team, however, it is ultimately the player’s responsibility. All persons involved in the process will be required to sign the form (including the prescribing physician. Both the player and clinician are required to read and sign the player and clinician declarations forms. Before applying for a TUE, check to see if there are any permitted alternative treatments or medications.

Process for Asthma medications

The process for obtaining a TUE for asthma medication has recently changed.  Abbreviated TUEs have been phased out. Some Beta-2 Agonists now require a full TUE. Others require a Declaration of Use.

100% ME Asthma leaflet 

100% ME Asthma leaflet - What to do if you have provided a negative lung function test. 

If you are uncertain as to what medications do or do not require a TUE please view the Checking Medication section of this site. Alternatively you can contact the RFL Operations department for further information or email UK Anti-Doping at


Glucocorticosteroids no longer require a TUE (Either Abbreviated or Full). However they do require a Declaration of Use. For players in the NRTP this must be done on ADAMS and for all other players, this should be completed on the 100 % ME website. The use of GCS should also be recorded on the Sample Collection Form at the time of testing.  For further information please download the below guidance document. The web address to make an online Declaration of Use is

Players not regularly subjected to testing

New signings or players on trial from amateur clubs that are not usually subjected to the testing procedure but are tested at random during a period with your club are required to submit a TUE application following the match if they are using a prohibited substance for a legitimate medical condition. It is the responsibility of the Player to ensure that the application is received by UKAD no later than 5 working days after the test is completed.
For further information or to download a TUE application form, please log on to 

The RFL has taken every care to ensure that the content of this website is current and correct and it has been produced in good faith. However, the RFL cannot guarantee the correctness and completeness of the content and no responsibility is taken for any omissions or errors.

The information on these pages is only a short guide to the information available and does not constitute business, medical or other professional advice.

Anyone using this information is strongly recommended to ensure that they are fully aware of the RFL Anti-Doping Regulations and the WADA Prohibited List before embarking on any course of action.

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